Gary and Rabbi Hier


“These comments stem from a Playboy interview controversy. Without going into details about the misleading nature of that interview in its published form it is worth noting that immediately upon the publication of the piece, I apologized in front of millions of people for anything I said that may have offended anyone. I publicly apologized to the ADL, and most notably to Rabbi Heir personally at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Rabbi publicly has accepted my apology (both then, and again now), and even personally invited me to the Museum of Tolerance to show Darkest Hour. At that screening we had a wonderful visit and I was most grateful for his kindness, hospitality and support for me and the film.”

- Gary Oldman

“Gary Oldman made a mistake and has acknowledged and apologized for his remarks about Jews running Hollywood.  We took him at his word and accepted his apology then.  It is for that reason, we have invited him to the Museum of Tolerance to screen his current movie on Winston Churchill the Darkest Hour.”

- Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder, Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance