Golden Globes


"Lately I have read where some have attempted to suggest I am a hypocrite about The Hollywood Foreign Press. Nothing could be further from the truth. During the past nearly 30 years I have had an excellent relationship with the HFPA, always polite, and always cordial. I gave them my time during many press visits over those years, and they gave me theirs during numerous press conferences and junkets. At some point a while back, a few members who are now long gone, asked some deeply personal and offensive questions about my family. I am a private person and took issue with those members. Despite that, I continued to visit with them when appropriate. After my performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was nominated by the other major groups and at the same time ignored by the HFPA I said some tough, impulsive and flamboyant things about them. Since then, the make up of the group has changed a lot, and the group is now more serious than before. The offensive questions are a thing of the past, and my interaction with them has been vastly better than merely cordial—it has been warm, professional, and respectful in both directions. They deserve a bit if credit for looking beyond my hastily made remarks, and when I met with them for Darkest Hour they could not have been nicer, or more personal or more professional. We have come a long and full circle together over 30 or so years and I have made several friends there during that time. I am seriously not afraid to admit that being nominated by them, and also awarded this prize from them is a terrific thing, for me a milestone and I am most grateful to them."

- Gary Oldman